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Addiction is a complex disease, the effects are massive and in depth. Our goal is to mentor and support each individual with a broad spectrum of treatments. Addiction affects more than the individuals themselves, but their loved ones. Our program encompasses a group approach to recovery. Broadacres is equipped to aid clients in a complete medical detox, along with holistic healing. Our programming provides group therapy along with individual counselling unique to each clients needs and qualities.

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We understand that not all people are automatically, or equally vulnerable to developing substance abuse related disorders, but if you are reading this now, there is a problem. Those without a problem do not generally investigate and research a rehabilitation center, unless there is a problem.  We have multiple tools and approaches to help you begin your road to accepting a healthy recovery, recognizing that there is no one size fits all.

  • Intensive one and one counseling
  • Therapeutic, spiritual, educational and interactive groups
  • Custom and individualized case management
  • Detox Program
  • A natural outdoor serene setting to enhance holistic and spiritual healing
  • Individuals are required to participate, study and take action in the daily 12 step support groups

We utilize a 5-step approach of abstinence, with focus on 7 seven major life areas and supported by various models of therapy.

Peer support along with the values of equality, accountability, acceptance and leadership are key components. We teach our clients that these values allow for practice of effective communication and reinforce a healthy, clean lifestyle. .

Broadacres offers a 30, 60, and 90 day comprehensive and individualized recovery treatment plan. Our addiction program runs parallel to our detox, holistic, and peer support and counselling programs. The facility has a comfortable 20 bed capacity, a bright living and dining area and home style cooking. Our team pride themselves in modeling respect, acceptance, equality, leadership and integrity for our clients to emulate.

Our addiction recovery program is a evidence based treatment program that believes in healing as a whole. Through the journey of recovery individuals will begin to rediscover their potential to reconnect with the mind body and soul.

The team is committed to guiding and supporting individuals to be emotionally invested in maintaining their sobriety. Our goal is to inspire, guide and empower clients to understand their addiction with personal accountability.  We emphasize the renewal of a healthy lifestyle from the effects of addiction encompass the family, community, culture, values, and beliefs. Through recovery, we encourage clients to develop healthy strategies, set goals, while assisting them to believe that change is possible with a future to look forward to.

The interdisciplinary team at Broadacres are a compassionate and empathic professional group with years of experience and wisdom. Our commitment to the success of our clients is reflected in the high standards of our values and beliefs.

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