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About Us


Believing in yourself and the process of recovery
Recovering from the past; Understanding that the past is the past and to look forward for the future
Overcoming limitations from past decisions and future goals and success
Accepting recovery accepting who and where you are in the recovery process, while at the same time admitting that change needs to occur
Discovering your spiritualty; recognizing the power that is greater than yourselves which grounded by love and compassion
Accountability: Being accountable for your addiction and your recovery
Compassion: Cultivating compassion to boost your sobriety
Respect;:To treat others with respect and dignity
Excellence: We strive to our best and give our best
Safety: We place safety and quality improvement at the center of all our decisions



Our goal is for clients to feel emotionally invested in maintaining their sobriety. We encourage our clients to personally understand addiction and take accountability for their decisions and actions. We will inspire, guide and empower clients to sustain their sobriety. The team at Broadacres want to contribute in building a healthy environment for our clients.
Our values provide us with a common understanding of the stigma attached to addiction and mental health.


Our vision is to provide the foundation for recovery and for our clients to gain stability and a healthy lifestyle.

We are here to make a difference.

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