Alberta Drug Intervention Benefits

When someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, and Alberta drug intervention is a great way to put them back on track again. The chances are, you’ve tried many times to put a stop to your loved one’s drug abuse. Many times, family members have tried different methods including reprieves, a series of overt threats and even some more subtle suggestions.
There’s usually a pattern that goes like this:

  • You might mention something in a subtle way at first. Maybe your relative is drinking a little too much and you suggest they can cut back. Sometimes the person using drugs or alcohol will agree and things seem to be settle for a while.
  • As time goes on, you’ll feel the need to bring up their drug abuse more often. This is generally the stage where they’ll get defensive and or belligerent with you. One of the things you learn in a family recovery session is the addict likes to turn the tables and blame their abuse on you at this point.
  • As your frustration builds, your threats become more severe. Some people even threatened to leave a loved one or cut off their finances.

This is generally the stage where a drug intervention works best. If the person involved with the addict can enlist the help of coworkers and friends all the better. We suggest that the preintervention is one of the more important aspects. It sets the tone for what comes after and often dictates whether you’ll succeed or fail.
One of the things you need to remember right away is the intervention is not an event. It’s about accomplishing a goal which is getting the substance abuser into a treatment program where they can fix what’s wrong.

Good Suggestion
Here’s another good suggestion. Getting an expert to enter into the intervention makes it more professional with a larger effect on the abuser. An expert from outside the family system has a fresh set of eyes and a clean perspective. In other words, this professional has not been subject to years of manipulation and the codependency and addict can rain down on a family.
These are the professionals that have expertise in bringing the true nature of the addiction into focus. We have the experts and facilities to make sure you can put together an effective Alberta drug intervention session. If you or a loved one has a serious drug or alcohol problem, you should get in touch with us today.