Teenagers and Alberta Drug Rehab Services

If you take a look at the research, you’ll see that teenagers are disproportionately in need of Alberta drug rehab services. Research tells us that almost half of high school seniors admitted to trying at least one illegal substance. Other data suggests that a large percentage of children as early as the eighth grade have experimented with some kind of substance abuse.
One of the big red flags is the fact that researchers really aren’t sure what substance abuse does to the teenage brain. However, scientists are fairly positive that drug abuse does some kind of damage since the teenagers’ brain is still developing.
It’s important to keep in mind here that the human brain isn’t developed until someone reaches their 20s. One thing researchers are sure of — teenage brains are developing in the areas of reasoning skills, impulse and mood during these years.

Alberta Drug Rehab Services as a Starting Point
What’s important is there are a few brain functions that are noticeably different when teenagers abuse drugs. First and foremost is the ability to think or what are commonly called cognitive abilities. It’s more concrete proof that our Alberta rehab drug services are good starting points for any teenager regardless of the drug they are using.
For example, although there are no hard and fast statistics, scientists are fairly certain that marijuana lowers the IQ in teenagers. It’s also been proven that pot affects your ability to remember things especially in the short term.
There are a few things about drug abuse that are apparent to researchers. Statistics prove that teenagers who use drugs have worse academic records than the ones that don’t. They have poor attendance records and, on an average, get worse grades then their peers who do not use any kind of drugs.

Mental Health
Although science isn’t exactly sure of the nature of the relationship, there’s a link between teenagers who use drugs and mental health. The relationship between the two isn’t exactly clear although one seems to lead to the other in some circumstances.
For example, research has proven a link between teenagers suffering from bipolar disorders and marijuana abuse. In other words, many of these teens turn to marijuana to help alleviate some of their symptoms.
It’s important for teenagers to understand the consequences of drug abuse. The services we provide are educational and proactive at the same time. Our Alberta drug rehab services are always at your disposal.