Top Substance Abuse Consequences From Your Alberta Drug Rehab

BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre is more than just an outstanding Alberta drug rehab. We want to help topple the stigma that surrounds drug and alcohol abuse with education and recovery. We believe in a compassionate approach that includes respect and perseverance.

Part of our overall approach focuses on teaching clients about the consequences of their drug abuse. Here are some of the more dangerous outcomes.


People take drugs to make them feel better, but in the end they ruin your health and make you feel worse. The medical consequences of drug or alcohol abuse are well-documented. Alcohol can damage your liver. Addicts often stop eating properly and poor nutrition can make spiralling health problems even more dangerous.

Of course most substances taken to excess will harm your body’s organs.


The financial consequences for abusing drugs and alcohol can ruin your life. Addicts miss payments and need to deal with utilities that get shut off. As they spend more money on their drug of choice, their credit rating suffers and they might even lose their job.

Our Alberta drug rehab has dealt with many patients who have lost everything at the height of their addiction and being evicted from their homes and apartments.

Alcoholics and drug addicts pay higher insurance premiums when they get caught for driving under the influence too. BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre is committed to helping you turn your life around. Our facility has 20 state-of-the-art beds and includes 24 hour care for our valued clients.

We even have a holistic practitioner so all of your recovery bases are covered.


Some of the long-term consequences of drug abuse are mental. Research has proven that abusing drugs can cause changes in the brain leading to paranoia, hallucinations and other ailments. Statistics also tell us the people addicted to drugs are twice as likely to suffer from other mental disorders like anxiety.

Experts in the field also say it’s unclear which is the chicken and which is the egg. In other words they don’t know if some drugs like cocaine actually cause mental illness or if the underlying problem is masked by drug abuse.


Drug abuse affects a wide range of people. It does damage on the family of the addicted person and society as a whole. Children get neglected, and the medical system picks up the tab for the damage addicted people create.

If you have an addiction, we can help put you on the path becoming a productive member of society again . Getting in touch with our Alberta Drug Rehab is the first step.

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