Our Edmonton medical detox program is designed so we can help you to change your life if you’re suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. The advantages we have include on-site medical staff that is fully trained and licensed. We want you to feel comfortable and motivated by our recovery process.

To that end, we thought we’d list the most common addictions so everyone has an idea of what to look out for.

Although there has been real advancement in understanding how addictive tobacco can be, some estimates still plays 40 million people as addicts. Some of the worst consequences for tobacco abuse take a long time to develop. Even though these consequences are well-documented, there are still smokers who continue to use tobacco.

More people die from the effects of tobacco abuse than any other substances on our list.

The number two substance on our list shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. Because alcohol is socially acceptable, it’s hard to spot problem drinkers. Along with liver disease, traffic deaths through alcohol abuse is another health consequence.

The legalization of marijuana across North America has made the drug more socially acceptable. However, some people still deny it has addictive properties. Our Edmonton medical detox sees people that started down the path to addiction with marijuana.

Research tells us there are 4.2 million people addicted to this substance. Experts claim that one of the reasons might be the dramatic increase in potency over the last decade.

Not all of the drugs on our list are illegal. Certain drugs like oxycodone and even Vicodin are prescribed by doctors to treat pain. Problems start for people when they start abusing these drugs and taking more than the prescription requires.

The problem has reached an epidemic. For example, data points to the fact that 259 million opioid prescriptions were written in America in 2012. Estimates place the number of addicted people who fill these prescriptions at 2 million.

BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre offers a variety of services including one-on-one counseling sessions. As well as family counseling and mediation, we have a variety of professionals on staff who are ready to help you.

If you think you have an addictive problem, but chances are you do. That’s why you should come and see us. Our Edmonton medical detox offers a clear path to a better life.