Over the years we have been helping people get sober, our heroin addiction treatment Edmonton facility has seen many cases of heroin abuse. We’ve come to understand how the drug acts and cripples people’s lives.

For example, it’s important to understand almost one in four people will become addicted after trying heroin for the first time. The consequences on their lives are catastrophic. They quite often lose family friends and even the ability to make a living and support themselves.

One of the big reasons this drug is so powerful is it links itself to pleasure causing chemicals in the brain. In a relatively short time, addicts can’t function without heroin. One of the most dangerous symptoms of addiction is needing to increase dosages to get the same high.

Street Drug
Because heroin is a street drug, it’s impossible to regulate the potency and or other chemicals used to cut the it. Addicts can quickly build a tolerance. It’s even more dangerous when you consider there is no way to regulate the quality of this street drug. Our heroin treatment addiction Edmonton focus is on complete recovery and giving you the tools to lead an active life afterwards.

Heroin is a synthesized painkiller that’s derived from morphine. It comes in a few different colours although it is usually a powder form. Over the years we have been treating addicts, our heroin addiction treatment Edmonton facility has come up against white powder and brown or black powder versions. There is also a variety of heroin called Back Tar heroin.

Effects of Heroin
Users often describe an intense rush because the drug interacts with brain chemicals very quickly. This aspect of the experience lasts about two minutes and the overall effects of heroin can last for 4 to 5 hours.

What makes this drug especially dangerous is there might not be any withdrawal effects after the first use. Herein lies the danger because intolerance builds up quickly with dependence forming right after that.

Therapeutic Experts
At BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre, we pride ourselves on having a team of medical and therapeutic experts. Our treatment facility contains some of the most innovative and tested procedures for heroin addiction recovery.

We even include a family counselling section because any addiction affects everyone. Our values include respect, safety, compassion and excellence. We strive for the highest goals because we understand each and every one of our patients wants to lead a full active life free from drugs.

If you think you’ve got a problem, why not get in touch with our heroin addiction treatment Edmonton services today?