Addiction Interventions and Marijuana Addiction Treatment Edmonton

When it comes to marijuana addiction treatment Edmonton, we have been able to help many different families over the years. As far as an intervention goes, there are many different scenarios that you need to consider.

Some families think that just simply by talking to someone who has a marijuana problem, they can accomplish their goal. These people think if they show their emotional side, the person abusing marijuana will simply stop.

However, that’s not usually the case. If your family member or someone thinks they might have a problem, there are certain red flags that should point to the need for a more detailed intervention. These include:

Appearance Changes
One of the first red flags that someone has a drug or alcohol problem is a change in their appearance. Quite often, an addict’s only focus becomes getting more of their drug of choice and they neglect their personal hygiene. This includes their clothes as well as other aspects.

If you’ve been using drugs or know someone who has and their appearance is starting to change, it might be time for an intervention

If a person you know is starting to show unchecked rage, it’s a good idea to check into whether they’re abusing some kind of substance. Candidates for an intervention at our marijuana addiction treatment Edmonton facility may also get agitated and defensive quickly.

Routine Changes
One of the other warning signs that someone is addicted to a substance is a series of routine changes. People who are abusing marijuana or some other substance quite often give up interest in sports and friends they have outside of the addiction.

As the addiction becomes more at the center of their life, they only associate with other users. Quite often an addict’s schoolwork and or work routine will suffer dramatically as the addiction increases.

Licensed Well-Trained Staff
At BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre, we have a licensed well-trained staff of medical professionals and counsellors on hand. Not only can we help addicts recover, we also give them the tools so they can identify any triggers that might cause them to relapse.

Our number one priority is addiction counselling and treatment. It’s important to us that we give each and every patient individualized care and attention. Our marijuana addiction treatment Edmonton facilities are industry-leading and compassionate.