Alberta Addiction Treatment that makes a Difference
Addiction is a complex disease,the effects are massive and in depth .Our goal is to provide Alberta addiction treatment that mentors and supports individuals in a culturally sensitive manner with a broad spectrum of individualized treatments
Change Your Life - Permanently !
The Mostcomprehensive and affordable 60 and 90-day medical detox and addiction recovery programs in Alberta,Canda.Ask yourself,what is 90 - days in consideration for the rest of your life?
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Alberta Addiction Recovery


Do You Need a Rehab Program

that works?

A 90-day addiction rehab program is best for those who may have relatively severe or long-standing addictions.

The additional time spent in the residential rehab clinic empowers individuals with solid relapse prevention skills and further enables teaching of methods to manage stress and other problems without going back to drugs or alcohol. A 90-day residential treatment facility may also be appropriate if there are other underlying medical or mental health issues or if the individual has a weak support system or chaotic home life. Our Drug rehab in Alberta is ready to help you get the addiction treatment you need.


30 Day


45 Day


60 Day


90 Day

List of Provisions

Medical / Holistic Detox

“One on One” Private Counseling Sessions

Daily Programming

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Family counseling



Group, Art and Music Therapy

Healing Circles / Sweats / Spiritual Cleansing

Foot Cleanse

Stress Relief


Therapeutic Walks

Massage Therapy

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