3 Yoga Posses


Cross-Legged Forward Fold:

Cross your ankle and fold your leg and stretch your hips for few seconds.

 Mountain pose:

This pose teaches us to be studied as the starting position for all the other asanas. Stand with your heels slightly make changes in your arms and gently lift your toes and lay them on your floor, Balance your body weight on your feet, You can even raise your hands and stretch them. Breathe for few seconds.

Tree Pose:

This pose will sure give you a sense of grounding and improve your balance on your legs that will replicate the steadiness of the tree. Make sure your spine is straight and breathe for few seconds and exhale slowly, bring your hands down, and release to the left leg follow the same step for another leg.

Triangle pose:

Stretch your legs and toes that promotes breathing deeply, keep your feet pressed against the floor and balance your weight equally. Keep your waist straight, ensure your body is bent sideways not forward or backward take a few breaths and repeat for another side.


 And finally, when we observe the breath we can identify over-straining if we can no longer keep the breath slow and steady. If breathing is uneven we would consider letting go of the pose (and the strain) momentarily until steady breathing returns. and follow up the process slowly.


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