Alberta Addiction Treatment and Some Interesting Statistics About Mental Health and Addiction

Understanding the relationship between mental health and addiction is important to our Alberta addiction treatment process. The two terms refer to a wide variety of different issues that can affect someone’s behavior, emotions, and thinking.

Most people who suffer from addictions and mental illness can be treated. They can recover and lead productive lives. Here are a few interesting statistics about the relationship between mental illness and addiction.

Did you know that?

Every year, one Canadian in five experiences some kind of addiction or mental issue? Our research has shown that people with long-standing addictions are best served by different types of addiction treatment.

Mental illness is more prevalent among Canadians than you might have thought? In fact, statistics point to the fact that by the time we reach 40, half of us will have had some kind of mental illness. Unfortunately, sometimes people turn to drugs and alcohol to mask the symptoms.

Do most mental illnesses start in childhood? Other research says that 70% of the problems adults suffer from actually started early in their lives. They will receive signs of alcoholism in the early stage itself. Each of the Alberta addiction treatment solutions we offer starts with medical detox. It’s a good way to uncover these mental disorders that might fuel addiction.

People, who have physical pain are more likely to have some kind of mental disorder? Unfortunately, many of these folks take refuge in substances that cause addiction. We offer a fully licensed medical staff so that we can provide holistic recovery treatment options.

BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Centre has a number of features that are different from other treatment centers. For instance, our one-on-one counseling sessions are staffed by people committed to your overall recovery. What’s more, we have counselor’s assistants at the ready to help with individual recovery programs.

People who have a mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance abuse issue at the same time. In fact, research says that more than 15% of people who suffer from substance abuse have a mental disorder.

That means it’s important to have an overall approach to total recovery. We offer the kind of individualized treatment plans get that get wonderful results. We have nurses on staff 24 hours a day and a welcoming atmosphere. Supplying Alberta addiction treatment that works is our number one priority.

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