Broadacres Addiction Weekly Roundup | october 3rd Week

1.When Joe Biden Spoke of Hunter’s Struggles With Addiction, He Also Spoke of My Own

At the presidential debate on Tuesday, the former vice president said of Hunter Biden, “My son, like a lot of people, like a lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem.(

2.Out of drug and alcohol addiction, Raiders TE Darren Waller also finds purpose

Darren Waller could sense his star beginning to rise last August, when his journey from drug and alcohol addiction to sobriety, and ultimately the NFL’s Raiders, was chronicled on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.(

3.Experts Say Attack On Hunter Biden’s Addiction Deepens Stigma For Millions

When President Trump and Joe Biden faced off for the first — and so far, only — presidential debate late last month, Trump attacked his Democratic rival with a false claim about Hunter Biden.(

4.Game-changer’ drug to tackle addiction

Drug misuse has claimed the lives of Dougie’s brother, two uncles and more than a dozen friends.(

5.Trump’s attack on Hunter Biden underscores ‘harmful stigma’ of addiction

President Trump on Sept. 29 repeatedly interrupted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as he tried to reference his son Beau’s service to the military(washingtonpost)


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