Broadacresaddiction Weekly Roundup | August 4 Week

1. Singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle probably died of accidental overdose, police say

Justin Townes Earle, the award-winning Americana singer-songwriter, died from a probable drug overdose, Metro Nashville police confirmed. 

Earle, 38, died over the weekend, and his death was confirmed Monday by New West Records, his label.(yahoo)


2. Officer assists woman with drug addiction

“She’s the one that’s saying I saved her life,” he said. “She’s happy what she’s doing; she’s a really special person, and I just want to see her go forward and beat this addiction that she’s been doing.”(tnonline)


3. Most Residential Addiction Treatment Programs Don’t Offer Live-Saving Medication

The results build on previous research that shows most programs that patients check in to for days, weeks or months at a time do not offer any of the FDA-approved medications to treat an opioid use disorder.(wbur)


4.Trump failed on the opioid crisis — and Democrats are letting him get away with it

In a touching speech, Ryan Holets, a police officer in New Mexico, told a story about how he adopted a child from a person struggling with homelessness and drug addiction.(vox)


5.Remember America’s Other Epidemic Opioid deaths are falling but marijuana use is rising amid Covid-19.

It’s easy to forget amid the current pandemic that America has been suffering for years from another deadly scourge—drug addiction. Melania Trump reminded Americans on Tuesday night(

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