Broadacress Addiction Weekly Roundup | october 1st Week

1.West Virginia embarks on campaign to lift the stigma of drug addiction

Very few addicts are getting the help they need and that is why West Virginia’s Department of Health and Human Resources started a statewide education campaign.(vchstv)


2. Celebrating National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

The road to recovery is a journey where bonds are formed. Tracey Price (Left) worked with Nicole Davis as she battled the aftermath of her addiction. Kristy Bock / Neuse News(neusenews)


3. Pointers From Portugal on Addiction and the Drug War

Smoking a cigarette after leaving a methadone clinic in Lisbon. Portugal has treated addiction as a disease rather than a criminal issue. Credit(nytimes)


4.Melania Trump releases a video praising her fight against substance abuse days after the president mocked Hunter Biden’s drug addiction

Jim Carroll, the White House director of drug control policy ..(businessinsider)


5.Memorial held for drug addiction victim

Crowds gathered at the healing springs recovery center today to remember Dan, as they saluted the brand new memorial library dedicated to his name.(cbs6albany)


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