Broadacress Addiction Weekly Roundup | october 3rd Week

1.Trump’s attacks on Hunter Biden’s addiction hurt millions in US

I am the daughter of an ex-addict. When US President Donald Trump maligned Hunter Biden – and by extension, his family – for his struggles with addiction, our commander-in-chief mocked the millions of American families who had been touched by the storm of substance abuse(aljazeera)

2.Experts Say Attack On Hunter Biden’s Addiction Deepens Stigma For Millions

“Hunter got thrown out of the military,” Trump said of the former vice president’s son. “He was thrown out, dishonorably discharged, for cocaine use.”(

3.When Joe Biden Spoke of Hunter’s Struggles With Addiction, He Also Spoke of My Own

I did enormous quantities of cocaine in my teens, eventually getting sober at 19. But when I read that 2019 New Yorker profile on Hunter, asking whether the complicated personal life of Joe Biden’s only surviving son could jeopardize his father’s election chances, I related to every relapse, every hospitalization.(vogue)

4.The Epigenetic Secrets Behind Dopamine, Drug Addiction and Depression

As I opened my copy of Science at home one night, an unfamiliar word in the title of a new study caught my eye: dopaminylation(quantamagazine)

5.The grief of losing my son and husband drove me to drug addiction

I married my husband in my early 20s, had two beautiful children: a girl and a boy. I was the luckiest woman alive. I thought I was blessed.(the guardian)


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