Drug Rehab – Drug Trafficking Supports Terrorists

The current culture is in serious trouble. One of the biggest problems in the world today is drug and alcohol abuse and the downward spiral it creates. There are a few facts that you may not know.

According to the United Nations, drug trafficking is a $400 billion per year industry which is largely responsible for supporting terrorist activity. Based on a recent National Survey, a reported 19.5 million Americans age 12 or older, are addicted to drugs, therefore there is no chance of depletion of funds.

The country needs to have different types of treatment models available to its citizens so we can greatly improve the statistics of recovery. Reports from the Department of Health and Human Services show that the national average success rate for handling drug addiction is only 6 – 8%. It’s self-evident that this low success rate is not handling this growing problem.

According to a recent government survey, 54% of high school seniors have experimented with illegal drugs. Add to this the fact that 87% of high school seniors have used alcohol, and you can see we have a big problem. Despite the fact that the legal drinking age in most areas is 21, approximately 2/3 of teenagers who drink report that they can buy their own alcoholic beverages. And each day 5,000 children start using illicit drugs.

Margret Shaw, national president of Drug Addiction Help Line, states “Parents should not be the last to know what their children are getting into, often thinking that their children are too young to be experimenting with drug use. They are unaware of the many sources children can find right within their homes, leaving them, the parents, with a false sense of awareness and responsibility with regard to their children’s actions.”

One in 4 Americans is affected by drug addiction within their family. Many people are fortunate not to personally know a drug addict, however every person is affected by drug addiction in many ways. For example, crime, disease, terrorism and illiteracy are all direct sub-products of the drug culture.

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