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Edmonton Addiction Recovery and the Dangers of Substance Abuse in the Workplace.

We are industry-leading Edmonton addiction recovery experts for a number of very good reasons. We have a fully licensed medical staff and nurses who are on call 24 hours a day. The BroadAcres Addiction Treatment Center has a number of core values including accountability and perseverance.

Because we like to think of ourselves as experts in recovery, we understand how dangerous substance abuse can be in the workplace. Here’s why being impaired at work is a huge problem for everyone involved.

The Cost

There’s a huge cost to businesses when they turn a blind eye to impaired workers. A recent report says that alcohol and drug abuse costs American organizations $81 billion a year in lost revenues. One of the biggest issues here is being able to identify these people before they cause an accident or even a fatality.

Here’s another alarming statistic that illustrates the point. More research tells us that over 70% of the people using drugs are employed. Most of them are binge drinkers. They might not show up to work under the influence but their judgments have been affected by what they’ve done in the off hours.

The Side Effects

Another report our Edmonton addiction recovery team unearthed states that 16% of people who show up for emergency room visits for work-related injuries have alcohol in their blood. Of course, the probability of workplace accidents spikes drastically when alcohol and drugs are involved.

However, there are other side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can affect an employee’s performance on the job. It’s not necessary that an addicted employee is under the influence to create havoc at the office or on the shop floor.

It’s a proven fact their judgments and reaction times can be negatively affected well after they’ve used any substance.

The Signs of Drug Abuse in The Workplace

Knowing what to look for is an important part of understanding how to combat the problem. Here are a few signs that suggest there might be an issue where you work.

  • Employees that talk a lot about money problems can have a substance abuse issue. Of course, that’s not always the case, but when their personal hygiene starts to slide in tandem, other employees should take notice.
  • The employee who take time off for undisclosed reasons might have a problem as well.

Getting people back up on their feet so they can become productive citizens again is our number one priority. The Edmonton addiction recovery tools we use our industry-leading.

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