Holistic addiction treatment: Your path to recovery

Within the brain of an addict is the origins of his or her addiction. Many addicts are born with a birth defect, of sorts, wherein their brain is predisposed to a chemical deficiency (or even an over-proficiency) and therefore cannot produce correctly those chemicals which imbue the body with feelings of joy or happiness. In modern life the concept of joy has been incorrectly aligned with those feelings that one gets with acquisition, but in truth we are joyful from the moment we are birthed into this world. Babies know joy.


They see their mother and feel joy. They reach for a rattle or blade of grass and feel joy. Drug addicts enter into drug treatment or holistic rehabilitation centers to discover this feeling again, whether they understand it or not. It is the inability to feel joy that drives humans to find phantom expressions of it—either through drugs or alcohol, promiscuous sex, gambling, or even shoplifting. That burst of adrenalin or endorphins that the deficient individual feels, though short-term, is exactly what their brain and body is seeking to mimic that base state of human happiness. Holistic recovery means finding a way to introduce the body and/or supplement the body in the production of the chemicals that create these joyful feelings.

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