Is Drug Addiction a Secret Worth Keeping?

Is Drug Addiction a Secret Worth Keeping?

Secrets.  What should we do about the secrets we keep?  Many people who have loved ones that are struggling with drug and alcohol use consider addiction a secret to be kept.

To some, the topic is even taboo.  What does this do to our hearts and souls?

Are we worried about being judged by those who may even be keeping the same secret?

Are we embarrassed because we think we are to blame for our loved ones bad choices?  Everyone makes bad choices in their lives,. It is called being human.

Are we worried that our loved ones might end up in jail or dead if we reveal our secret?  Certainly, we have no control over wherever they end up — good or bad.

Are we afraid that they will not love us if we share the secret?  They ultimately love their drug of choice first and foremost and in their own way, love us too.

The truth is, they are too busy to care whether their drug addiction is a secret or not.

Yes, we can go on and on here.  The point is we should just focus on what this secret is doing to us and what it might be like if we didn’t keep it.  I can tell you that, for me, keeping this a secret was killing me. As soon as I decided to share the secret, it allowed others to share their secret, too.  It was a relief for many of us. Yes, we were still judged by some, but I considered that their problem, not mine.

One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein. “What you think of me is none of my business.�?  I try to remind myself of this often.

So, think about this: The statistics show that there are millions of people all over the world who have addicted loved ones, so we aren’t alone.  Supporting each other is one step to making this all bearable and, I think, a leap to a better life amidst chaos.


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