Overview of Addiction Treatment Facilities

Typical traits of drug addiction are craving or compulsive seeking of drugs which results in distressing consequences in many cases. In general terms, the longer and more intense use of drugs, the longer as well as intense addiction treatment program is required.

Regardless of the duration of the program, support or the follow up treatment which are considered to be quite crucial for effective recovery, the quality of the addiction treatment program should not only focus upon the drug abusing factors but, should also aim to treat the emotional pain as well as other problems which are contribution in the addiction. Selecting the best addiction treatment program can turn out to be a daunting task however, if you have the adequate amount of information, then you are in a good position to fulfill this task easily. Following mentioned are some of the addiction treatment programs that will help you make the right decision.

Inpatient programs

Those people who are being treated for the first time and are making an attempt to clean up after a relapse opts for inpatient programs. This addiction treatment program is formulated and geared towards frequent changes within the behavioral pattern as well as the lifestyles. The duration of this program ranges between 1 – 3 months which is inclusive of therapies of 50 hours every week. The addicts are well supervised; the inpatients will be required to shop, cook, clean as well as to perform other day to day activities. This combination of therapies when mixed with normal life brings in a good change within the life of an addict.

Outpatient care

Outpatient caring programs includes providing counseling to groups, families and individuals. The people who go for this addiction treatment are dependent on different alcoholic or drug based substances. There are many counseling techniques within this program which is a mixture of both medication as well as behavioral therapies so as to stimulate the therapeutic response. The therapy is performed via a psychiatric and detoxification treatment method.


Prior to undergoing an advanced level of addiction treatment program, addicts are required to go through a detoxification program. Based upon the condition of the addict, this treatment has a duration of about 5 – 15 days. Since, the addict abruptly stops using the drug or related substances, the withdrawal process might be unpleasant. Many addicts face frustrating emotional disturbance as well however, this treatment is necessary to assure a lasting recovery. Although, there is no cure to addiction, however, getting rid of the physical dependency upon drugs will help improve lifestyles along with polishing decision making aptitudes.

12 step treatment

This treatment program has been designed to help out addicts however; most of the addicts opting for this addiction treatment program render it to be quite effectual. The program focuses on making the individual realize that they are not alone and living in seclusion is not the solution to the problem. The 12 steps serves as an assistant to the addicted person ensuring that he will recover from the problem and will be able to start their life once again. Those who opt for this program are required to choose a sponsor who will help them in the process of recovery and work according to the 12 steps of the program at their own convenience.

Residential treatment

This treatment includes the addict to live in a treatment facility during the process of intensive addiction treatment all day long. This type of treatment program has duration of 30 – 90 days.


This program is a great support to other treatment programs or to the aftercare support program. Through this, the addicted person is able to realize the root cause of using drugs which will help in coping up with those issues and bringing the addict back to normal life.

What to Look For In an Addiction Treatment Program?

When you research for addiction treatment programs, you will find many advertisements that have gorgeous views and tranquil settings. Although, such types of amenities are quite useful to accelerate the treatment process however, they come with big price tags as well. The point is to focus on what is important an actual – quality of care during the program, appropriately licensed, staff credentials as well as the quality of the follow up treatment. Following mentioned are some points which should be considered when looking for a substance abuse treatment program:

  • Effectiveness of the treatment program: Look for statistics of the treatment center which will determine their rate of success in treating addicted people. These rates, if given by an outside agency are preferred as it increases the credibility of the treatment center.
  • Program licensing and accreditation: Ensure that the addiction treatment program is accredited by the state in which it is in. Additionally, the treatment program should also be handled by properly licensed and well-trained addiction specialists and health professionals.
  • Quality of follow up services so as to avoid relapse: Also look for the quality of the aftercare program provided by the addiction treatment program. Many follow up programs offer referrals to many other services required for effective recovery along with providing support to the group within the community. Moreover, a staff member should also come in collaboration with you so as to draft a discharge plan prior to leaving the hospital.

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