The aftermath of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction can have a wide range of effects that can take over all aspects of the addict’s life. Alcohol addiction has severe affects on physical as well as mental health. Some of the effects of alcohol addiction are as follows:

• Physical effects:

Alcohol addiction can cause dangerous conditions such as liver disease, heart disease, pancreatitis, insulin resistance and nutritional deficiency. In severe cases it can also cause death.

• Social effects:

In many cases, alcohol addiction has resulted in social alienation due to unacceptable behaviour.

• Economic effects:

Alcoholism has a negative impact on the brain and can affect simple day to day activities. It means that performance at work can be affected, which leads to many alcohol addicts losing their job, which is subsequently followed by financial problems.

• Legal effects:

Some people who are addicted to alcohol get into trouble with the law. This can take on many forms- including stealing in order to feed their habit, violence and drink driving.

Alcohol addiction not only has an adverse effect on the individual concerned, but also on those around them.

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