The Side Effects of Xanax

Drug and alcohol addiction has risen in this country to be a very serious problem in this country.  This has been truly an ongoing issue, one of which that shows no sign of dropping back or relaxing or getting resolved anytime soon.  One of the most concerning issues when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction today is that the vast majority of addiction occurs with substances that are legal and easy to get a hold of.  One such substance that causes hundreds of thousands of addictions is the pharmaceutical drug Xanax.


Xanax is a powerful Benzedrine drug that has technically been around since 1976.  However, it did not become a drug of choice for substance abusers until around the turn of the century.  The medication comes in tablet or capsule, and people abuse it in multiple different ways.

Statistically speaking, Xanax is the most frequently prescribed benzo drug in this country, with no less than forty-nine million prescriptions written in 2011 alone.  Xanax is supposed to be used to address anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, and various phobias and nervous fears. Xanax is known for its fast-acting effects, and for how intensively it affects people who take it.  Xanax can create an effect that lasts for about six years.

One of the problems with Xanax is that people often begin to experience the negative effects of the drug right away, only using it for a week or two before they begin to feel the negative effects of it.  People generally speaking have trouble with cognitive skills and even experience difficulties speaking too. These are only two of the many negative effects of taking this drug.

The issue with Xanax is that, when this drug is not used exactly as intended, the drug becomes very negative and harmful, to say the least.  When the drug is taken by people who do not need to take it, people feel the harmful effects of it, to say the least.

Xanax Side Effects

The side effects of Xanax are pretty concerning and quite obvious too.  Some of them are phenomena like:

⦁ Headaches

⦁ Drowsiness

⦁ Fatigue

⦁ Having difficulty concentrating

⦁ Dizziness

⦁ Dry mouth

⦁ Increases in salivation

⦁ Changes in sex drive and being unable to perform sexually

⦁ Difficulty urinating

⦁ Changes in weight

⦁ Skin rashes and itches

⦁ Constipation

⦁ Depression

⦁ Seizures

⦁ Shortness of breath

⦁ Memory problems

⦁ Mood changes

This is only a short representation of what happens when people take Xanax.  The truth is though that this substance is dangerous on multiple different levels, and the drug creates a harsh and a concerning effect on the people who take it recreation ally.

The Answer to Xanax Abuse and Addiction

The above is only a short list of what will begin to happen when people take Xanax recreationally or abusively.  The drug can actually create much worse effects and manifestations. For example, people can actually die from taking this drug if they are taking it in a way that is not as intended or that is recreational or abusive.

The way to address and handle Xanax abuse and addiction is with the help of an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center.  When people abuse Xanax, they simply cannot stop taking the substances on their own. They need professional help. An inpatient addiction treatment center can offer the tools and the treatment methods to address both the physical and the mental aspects of addiction.  Xanax addiction is harsh, but with the help of a treatment center, people can find freedom from even this habit.

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