The stages of alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction is treatable and can be curable with time. There are several treatments for alcohol addiction, and one of the best is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is considered as very effective, and a team of qualified and experienced medical professionals will pay personal attention to the addicts.

The treatment generally comprises of therapy, counselling and medication.

Phases of alcohol addiction treatment

There are generally three phases of alcohol addiction treatment:

stabilisation, detoxification and short or long term rehabilitation.

During stabilisation, the doctor determines the problems faced by the addict. They aim to gets to the root cause of the causes of alcohol addiction and the effects that it has on the addict.

After stabilisation, the detox process begins. During this process, the toxins of alcohol are completely removed from the body of the patient. This method requires an in-patient setting and is done under strict medical guidance. Generally, the doctors provide the patient with medication to minimise the effects of withdrawal.

Once the detoxification process is complete, the next step in the alcohol addiction treatment is the rehabilitation stage. The rehabilitation program can be short or long term, depending on the judgement of the doctor, with regards to the addict’s progress.

The treatment of alcohol addiction requires proper medical care combined with therapy, counselling and care.


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